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Staff Augmentation and Interim Leadership

Staff Augmentation allows you to quickly scale your headcount, capacity and expertise with experienced professionals. Because it helps you to fluidly expand or reduce personnel at will, this staffing strategy is ideal for ramping up during:

  • New or special projects
  • New product, service or market launches
  • New contracts or clients
  • Business spikes

You can quickly add value across your organization through staff augmentation. This allows you to:

  • Take advantage of the knowledge transfer of new or niche skills and processes to your internal employees through the use of highly-experienced professionals.
  • Increase your control, visibility and accountability on contingent spending and project outcomes.

Experience Bottom Line Savings

  • Shift fixed labor cost to variable cost.
  • Add or trim salary costs as needed to respond to market demand.
  • Reduce training costs by only deploying experienced interim professionals.
  • Shift employment costs such as worker’s compensation and health insurance off your balance sheet.