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This is what a Consulting IT Project manager will bring to your organization

Portfolio, Program and Project Management

Project Management is the planning, monitoring and control of every aspect of a project, and the motivation and co-ordination of all those involved to achieve the desired outcome on time and to the specified cost, quality and specification.

As projects have become more complex, and pressures to successfully deliver them against strict schedules and budgets have become more and more onerous, professional project management has become a necessity. Without professional management, and proven control systems, a project will generally fail to meet its objectives. But where adequate investment in project management is made, projects are regularly completed efficiently to budget and on time.

Consulting IT, Inc. can provide a range of services that are tailored to suit the specific requirements of your projects and your business objectives. We can comprehensively manage your project from inception to completion, or simply provide you with a focused service that deals with just one problematic issue.

Consulting IT, Inc.’s project management professionals work within all area’s of your organization to consistently meet or beat expectations, delivering on time and in budget. Our project managers comply with the Project Management Institutes practice standards and code of ethics.

What you can expect when using our professional project managers:

  • Clear understanding of project scope
  • Clear understanding of deliverables
  • Clear understanding time frames
  • Clear understanding of costs
  • Consistent understanding of progress